SCT ReadyGuard

SCT ReadyGuard is a high performance, portable containment solution. Featuring SCT FlexBerm perimeter, this containment can take a beating and be ready for more. Offering both safety and containment solutions, it demands use; ReadyGuard is designed for containing vehicle cleanups, frac tanks, workover rig washouts, vac trucks, fuel containers, etc. With the benefit of easy cleanups, SCT ReadyGuard can be quickly relocated to the next location. Added value above “containment”: ReadyGuard can be manufactured with the option of reflective components on the FlexBerm perimeter to offer safety 24 hours a day.

Product Advantages

  • EPA Method 9090 Approved
  • Light Weight

  • Manufactured to ASTM Standards

  • Quick Installation

  • BLM Color Options

  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance

  • No water absorption

  • Custom sizes Available

  • FlexBerm Perimeter

  • Safety Perimeter

  • Quick Installation

  • Excellent Thermal Stability

  • Easy Cleanup

  • Available in custom sizes between 3’x3′ and 12’x60′


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