Industry Leading Containment Solutions

Specified offers industry leading polyurea containment products and solutions developed for permanent, temporary, and portable needs in the oil and gas industry as well as many other markets.

Job Profiles

Concrete Substrate, Zero Ground Disturbance, Portable Containment, Containment Rig Mats

Concrete Substrate

We offer polyurea containment solutions for permanent concrete substrates using proven products and application techniques. These solutions provide permanent containment protection from spills and aids in controlled cleanup. This containment system is customizable in color, mil thickness and design per your project specifications using premium technologies and proven methods.

Zero Ground Disturbance

This cutting edge containment solution using SCT PolyLiner offers superior environmental protection for both short and long term production applications. This product, in conjunction with a containment wall or custom berm provides maximum security from leaks or spills and offers extreme toughness, abrasion resistance from gravel and scoria and superior durability.

Portable Containment

Meet SCT ReadyGuard! The portable containment solution for your frac tank, truck, fuel tank, generators, well heads, washout station and more. Offering spill containment with zero ground disturbance, ReadyGuard is your solution for portable containment. Custom dimensions and colors available.

Containment Rig Mats

The SCT ContainMat is a proprietary rig mat and containment system in-one. Saving customers valuable time and money, this product offers containment protection of a polyurea liner and the ground protection of a composite rig mat with NO seams after it is installed. Stay ahead of the game!